May 9, 2018

Welcome to KIRIU USA website!

We are proud to announce our 15 year anniversary last year. Since its establishment in 2002, KIRIU USA has been growing rapidly in business size and quality of working process as the North American automotive market has grown. We have expanded our facility four times in the 16 years since production started. Currently we are one of the leading brake part suppliers with approx. 4.0 million brake rotors manufactured in a year. We have been awarded by world-famous customers for excellent quality and delivery every year. It is evidence how KIRIU USA is acknowledged well and we are honored of this recognition. In the future we are making efforts to supply more customers in North and South America with our products under coordination with our sister company in Mexico.

Our management vision is the same as our parent company, KIRIU Corp. in Japan. We are committed to provide our customers with the best products on time through “Monozukuri” (in Japanese optimized efficient manufacturing) supported by continuous kaizen activities in the area of safety, 5S and quality. In the automotive market cycle, we can contribute to offer people in the Americas and overseas countries higher safety, smoother comfort as well as more environmental friendliness by our lighter rotor produced for cars and trucks. In addition we are using iron casted metals as our base material, which allows us to recycle all unused product.

We are rooted in the local community in South Central Kentucky for over 15 years. We have about 140 associates at KIRIU USA. They are hard workers with good traditions in the Mid-west region. I am very happy to work with these wonderful people. KIRIU USA is focusing on diversity. There is no difference by age, gender or race. Opportunities are equal to everyone. We are concentrating on team-work through day-to-day tasks and several events like company picnic, Christmas party, and more.

For anyone from our potential customers and future possible associates, please feel free to visit our facility. I am sure you will certainly like us soon.

Thank you for your interest in our company.

Sam Takasaki