June 22, 2020

Welcome to KIRIU USA website!

KIRIU USA is a leader in the brake manufacturing industry.  Since our establishment in 2002, KIRIU USA has built a reputation for supplying high quality performance parts at a lower cost.  KIRIU USA has expanded our facility four times since our establishment and continues to look for future growth opportunities.  Our customers have recognized KIRIU USA numerous times with quality and delivery awards, and KIRIU USA is very proud and honored of these achievements.  KIRIU USA shares the same vision as our parent company, KIRIU Corporation in Japan.  Using the concept of “Monozukuri” (Japanese for optimized and efficient manufacturing) supported by continuous improvement activities, KIRIU USA is committed to provide excellent products and service to customers – now and in the future!

KIRIU USA is located in Bowling Green, KY, and has about 100 hardworking employees, and we have a diverse workforce with different values, lifestyles and nationalities.  Our policy of diversity and inclusion allows KIRIU USA to thrive and continuously improve our operations through employee suggestions. KIRIU USA is committed to treating all our associates with dignity and respect.  KIRIU USA is also committed to enriching the lives of all our associates and making KIRIU USA the place that everyone wants to work in Bowling Green, KY!  Human resource development is essential to fulfilling this commitment.

KIRIU USA has strong internal controls and risk management systems, in order to retain the trust of our stakeholders. From potential customers to future associates, KIRIU USA would encourage you to visit our facility soon.

Thank you for your interest in our company.

Mark Perdue