Kiriu USA, a global automotive leader and environmentally friendly supplier of automotive brake rotors, is committed to providing our customers the comfort and safety of the best performing brake rotors on the market today.


Since KIRIU CORPORATION was established in 1906 in Kiryu, Japan, KIRIU has expanded its business on a global basis. In the 110 years of history, KIRIU has established itself as a leading supplier of casting and machining products.  KIRIU has four facilities in Japan, and nine facilities in seven overseas countries such as the United States, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, India, China and Korea.  Globally, KIRIU produces 40 million brake parts, giving KIRIU a global market share of approximately 10%.

Sumitomo Corporation, one of the largest business conglomerates in Japan, is 100% shareholder of KIRIU. KIRIU now takes a central role of automotive business in the Sumitomo Corporation Group.

KIRIU USA was established in 2002 in Bowling Green, Kentucky by investment of KIRIU CORPORATION in Ashikaga, Japan. KIRIU USA supplies the major Japanese automotive companies, and well as the Detroit Three.  KIRIU USA is committed to localizing the material supply base, purchasing nearly 100% of their materials from U.S. suppliers.

Our main products are brake discs and drums, critical safety parts, supporting the fundamental performance of vehicles, such as “turn” and “stop”.  Meeting the high level requirements of our customers, KIRIU offers optimal design and robust quality by KIRIU’s unique and original analysis technique, in-house developed production equipment, and well managed production process.

KIRIU USA strongly believes that our team members are our most precious assets, and the success of KIRIU USA is due to commitment of our employees.  KIRIU USA’s 140 team members strive to develop and produce quality products each day with pride.  KIRIU USA is an equal opportunity employer in South Central Kentucky, proudly contributing to the expansion of the local economy.